Leading for Diversity of Thought

Leading for diversity of thought highlights content provoking discussion on the role of leaders in promoting a diversity of thought, including women and leadership, Indigenous leadership, as well as interculturalism, group harmony, diverse societies and new approaches to diversity and inclusion.  Curated content under this theme spotlights continuous learning opportunities for individuals and organisations, providing a life-long learning culture.

Leading for diversity of thought is essential if our organisations are to operate successfully in complexity. It is about creating an inclusive environment where a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences are valued and embraced. This involves breaking down barriers and biases that preclude individuals from contributing to decision-making processes. Advocating for women in leadership, Indigenous leadership, neurodiversity, and organisations that foster learning are all important aspects of effective leadership in today‚Äôs dynamic and diverse world.

What are the benefits of gendered perspective in national security? Do female leaders in this space experience the same challenges we find ourselves facing in our roles?  How do they equip themselves to meet these challenges, and how can we translate these learnings into our role as leader/managers?

We seek to explore different perspectives, opportunities and benefits of ensuring teams now and into the future are diverse in nature and in thought.