Executive Development Strategy 1 (EDS1)

AIPM EDS1 strengthens the leadership capability of senior executives in policing and public safety for ensuring all-of-organisation performance.  EDS1 also builds the leadership capacity for future ready organisations, ensuring ongoing performance, confidence and trust for tomorrow.

AIPM EDS1 is overtly preparatory in supporting the readiness of senior executive officers to succeed in the challenges of the principal leadership role as Commissioner or Chief Executive Officers.

Through peer-based learning, facilitated discussions, coaching and organisational support, participants explore different approaches for success and leadership through the complexity of multiple internal, cross-agency and crossboundary perspectives.

Learning Outcomes

Outcome One (Individual)

Lead across policing and public safety sectors in ways that deliver better outcomes and safer communities.


  1. Identify, assess and make progress on the deeper structural and systemic nature of emerging public safety challenges. 
  2. Find ways to skilfully navigate across structural or other boundaries to achieve outcomes which call for collaboration, cooperation and partnership.
  3. Expand individual range of wellbeing strategies to strengthen their awareness and actions to flourish in the role as Commissioner/CEO. 
  4. Enhance attentiveness, curiosity and a reflective approach to thrive in the face of novel, ambiguous and dynamic contexts.

Outcome Two (Organisational)

Generate and strengthen capabilities in the organisation for continuity and renewal.


  1. Enable a set of systems, policies and practices which foster and accelerate leadership capability in both my executive team and the organization.
  2. Generate unconventional ways of observing the multidisciplinary nature of community challenges in policing and public safety.
  3. Design strategies for organisational capability development for present and long-term policing and public safety services for the community.
  4. Model and cultivate in others a deeper, collective understanding of the policing profession and the traditions of the organisation as the custodian and its contribution to society and its future.

Who should attend?

EDS1 is for Assistant Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners identified with potential to lead a policing or public safety organisations as Commissioner and CEO.

Key dates

Further dates to be announced


9 months



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