Executive Development Strategy 3 (EDS3)

AIPM EDS3 incorporates a range of engaging and effective researchsupported development approaches for middle level managers in police organisations.

EDS3 examines the leadership transition from middle management to more senior roles with a focus on individual impact and growth. The program encourages participants to leverage their own unique leadership style to build thriving, high performance teams.

For many participants, EDS3 will be their introduction to a diversity of leadership development approaches including personal learning through coaching, organisational learning through manager-participant commitments and peer based learning through residential workshops and digital engagement.

EDS3 draws upon peer and organisational perspectives of contemporary policing tensions including policy, operations, executive and team to help participants’ identify and take responsibility for their own leadership and learning journey.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess the tensions of stakeholders within a workplace challenge (both personal and organisational within role).
  • Practise leadership techniques to deliver better results for current and future priorities.
  • Observe behaviour patterns and preferences when managing a range of competing stakeholder perspectives.
  • Expand their professional peer network in the public safety community through information exchange and giving and receiving support to achieve better results.

Who should attend?

Middle managers seeking to fully realise their potential and/or achieve better performance.

Participant Journey Map



Key dates - 2024-25


Enrolment week: 1 August 2024
Residential: 16-20 September 2024


Enrolment week: 1 November 2024
Residential: 2-6 December 2024


Enrolment week: 13 January 2025
Residential: 17-21 February 2025


Enrolment week: 1 March 2025
Residential: 7-11 April 2025


$7,050 (ANZ Police)
$7,755 (Multi-Agency)


4 months



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