Executive Development Strategy 3 (EDS3)

Executive Development Strategy 3 (EDS3)

2020 Pilot AIPM Executive Development Strategy 3 (EDS3)

The Australian Institute of Police Management EDS3 offers executive development opportunities to address identified development needs within contemporary public safety organisations to aid operational, organisational and cultural change.

AIPM EDS3 builds executive capabilities for  those emerging leaders who are grappling with contemporary technological, operational, generational and cultural change within police and public safety organisations. Given the speed, scope and immediacy of these challenges, EDS3 is not limited in rank or role, but is designed to build executive capability through identifying, learning and sharing new approaches to these middle management (Inspector and Executive level) tensions, contradictions and expectations.  AIPM EDS3 deepens the ability of leaders to engage, translate and mobilise their  workplace community for making progress and change.

In this concentrated workshop, first trialed in 2019, participants work individually and as a network to see the contemporary organisation from a more systematic perspective, and along the way learn new skills for identifying alignment, negotiating conflict and ensuring performance – all critical yet ambiguous roles for the modern middle manager.

Core outcomes

AIPM EDS3 deepens a leaders capability to :

  • Identify their own personal priority, needs and interests in effectively understanding and engaging with contemporary complexity
  • Utilise empathy and analysis to better identify the priorities, needs and interests of others and stakeholders within contemporary, complex environments
  • Better identify and align common outcomes, results and priorities 
  • Skilfully design strategies for action recognising organisational and individual constraints, tensions and opportunities 
  • Understand the evolving position of middle managers within effective public safety agencies 
  • Integrate learning experience and expanded professional network into an ongoing professional development capability

Program structure

AIPM learning advantages

AIPM development opportunities are built around three domains of learning. These include personal leadership, organisational leadership and professional knowledge. Personal leadership is built through a better understanding of self and others, identity and purpose, role and performance. The AIPM uses generic approaches including reflection, resilience, coaching, mentoring, individual and workplace assessments – as well as some unique approaches, usually within the diversity of a multi-agency program – where the contextual construction of personal leadership including rank, role,  identity, service, responsibility, authority, power and command are all examined. AIPM research into the recognised characteristics of good police leadership provides a benchmark for reflection, learning, growth and improvement. 

Organisational leadership is built in partnership with our participating organisations. The diversity of participants drawn from over sixty ANZ and international police and public safety organisations provide a rich narrative of the changing organisational landscape as technology, social and environmental change challenge established practices and approaches. Participant organisations contribute their stories of success and failure, their senior executives, their visiting fellows and their developing leaders into this collective learning experience. This is not the theory of organisational change and leadership, but the lived experience of many organisations and leaders, continuing to deliver high performance in critical service delivery organisations.

Professional knowledge is uniquely crafted at the AIPM. Set deeply within the context and traditions of policing, AIPM professional knowledge extends across the changing boundaries and fractures of public safety, across organisational, state and international jurisdictions. It draws upon the tacit practitioner experiences and learnings, the codified knowledge and wisdom within established practices, the emerging adaptation in meeting fluid challenges and responses, and the long range evidence, perspective and insight of the AIPM academics and researchers. 

The AIPM is an unique developmental partner for the education and development of better leaders in policing and public safety. The AIPM’s unique approach blends the development of better personal leadership with the relevance of effective organisational performance, while drawing upon and contributing to, contemporary professional knowledge.

The AIPM acknowledges the role of research in the implicit design of relevant and impactful development opportunities, and explicitly utilises the role of senior officers, researchers and academics in creating challenging and engaging learning experiences. 













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