Executive Development Strategy 3 (EDS3)

Executive Development Strategy 3 (EDS3)

AIPM EDS3 incorporates a range of engaging and effective researchsupported development approaches for middle level managers in police organisations.

AIPM EDS3 is purposely designed to reflect the diversity and complexity of the modern police organisation in meeting the needs of both high performing and high potential participants.

For many participants, EDS3 will be their introduction to a diversity of leadership development approaches including personal learning through coaching, organisational learning through manager-participant commitments and peer based learning through residential workshops and digital engagement.

EDS3 draws upon peer and organisational perspectives of contemporary policing tensions including policy, operations, executive and team to help participants’ identify and take responsibility for their own leadership and learning journey.

Who should attend?

Middle managers seeking to fully realise their potential and/or achieve better performance.

Participant Journey Map

Key dates

One month prior to workshop

4 months
Residential 5 days at the AIPM

Key dates

EDS3 - 1
Onboarding: February 2022
Residential: 14-18 March 2022
Coaching: April - June 2022

EDS3 - 2
Onboarding: March 2022
Residential: 4-8 April 2022
Coaching: May - July 2022

EDS3 - 3
Onboarding: April 2022
Residential: 30 May - 3 June 2022
Coaching: June - August 2022

 Jurisdictional Reconnection


$7,050 (ANZ Police)
$7,755 (Multi-Agency)


4 months


Manly, NSW

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