Executive Development Strategy 3 (EDS3) (Covid)

Executive Development Strategy 3 (EDS3) (Covid)

AIPM EDS3 (Covid) provides the opportunity for middle managers to build their leadership skills during the extraordinary challenges of the Covid pandemic.

This four-month leadership strategy addresses the contemporary leadership challenges posed by Covid-19.

Through a combination of intentional partnerships, participants are offered multiple layers of support to reflect, share, experiment and learn towards their own effective leadership skills and approaches.

EDS3 (Covid) is offered as a timely virtual alternative to the planned EDS3 program, which was built around the residential workshop at the AIPM. No residential workshops either at the AIPM or in regional locations are able to be planned in the current circumstances.

Intentional Learning Partnerships

  • Participant & Manager
  • Participant & AIPM
  • Participant & Peers

Layers of Virtual Learning Support

  • Multi-agency cohort of 8-10 participants
  • AIPM Facilitator
  • Virtual workshops
  • AIPM Executive Coaching
  • AIPM Visiting Fellow support
  • Peer-2-Peer conversations

Who should attend?

  • Current EDS3 nominees
  • Middle managers seeking better leadership in extraordinary challenges.

Participant Journey Map

EDS3 (Covid) Intake 1
Nominations due: 14 September 2020
Strategy commences: 1 October 2020
Intake concludes: March 2021

EDS3 (Covid) Intake 2
Nominations due: 1 December 2020
Strategy commences: 1 February 2021
Intake concludes: June 2021

$5,300 (ANZ Police)
$5,830 (Multi-Agency)


4 months



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