Facilitate: Leading for Learning

Facilitate: Leading for Learning is a foundational development opportunity for enhancing skills for individual and organisational learning and building collective responses to current and emerging challenges.

Effective learning organisations are quicker in assessing challenges, creating opportunities and overcoming setbacks. Central to the growth of learning organisations is the role of leaders in facilitating and creating meaningful conversations which encourage collective engagement, listening and learning.

Facilitate: Leading for Learning is designed for leaders who inspire others to learn their way through unknown and unusual complex environments, for those keen to inspire a new cadre of recruits to rethink their expectations of policing and for executives keen to encourage the re-imagination of policing to find new ways to create better public safety.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine their own facilitation approach and practices and those of their colleagues
  • Engage with a group and draw out productive and valuable conversations that will promote learning and strengthen organisational outcomes
  • Utilise a greater range of skills, techniques and tools to inspire learners and facilitate learning
  • Recognise the difference between the process and content elements of conversations and how to move across both, to enable the group to achieve optimal outcomes
  • Identify individual patterns, preferences and defaults that arise as a facilitator and develop strategies to manage yourself productively

Who should attend?

Leaders from all levels interested in developing new skills for modern police organisations.

Participant Journey Map


Key dates

Enrolment week: 1 December 2024
Residential: 4-5 February 2025


$1,630 (ANZ Police) 
$1,790 (Multi-Agency) 


2 days



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