Frontline: Leading for Performance

Frontline: Leading for Performance

Frontline: Leading for Performance is a foundational development opportunity for building effective leadership practices and personal growth for team leaders and operational supervisors.

Better organisational performance is supported by frontline leaders capable of deploying a range of effective leadership approaches to meet the challenges posed by an increasingly complex operational environment and an increasingly diverse community and workforce.

Frontline: Leading for Performance explores leadership from the perspective of complexity and diversity, with a focus on encouraging individual capability and desire for continual growth and learning.

Frontline: Leading for Performance builds skills for better assessing and responding to complex operational, procedural and cultural change issues.

Who should attend?

Team leaders or leaders in supervisory roles interested in learning more about leadership.

Participant Journey Map

Key dates 

Frontline 1
Start date: Week commencing 2 October 2022
Residential: 14-18 November 2022

Frontline 2
Start date: Week commencing 23 January 2023
Residential: 6-10 March 2023


$3,740 (ANZ Police)
$4,100 (Multi-Agency)


5 day residential program



More information

t: +61 2 9934 4800