Frontline: Developing Future Leaders

Frontline: Developing Future Leaders

Designed for public safety personnel with demonstrated leadership potential, this is an intensive residential program focusing on foundational leadership initiatives and personal growth.

Who should attend?

Operational and non-operational team leaders with demonstrated leadership potential

Learning outcomes

  • Develop foundational skills to enhance contribution to organisational objectives.
  • Understand individual leadership capacities and styles.
  • Increase awareness of how personality influences behaviour.
  • Gain a clear understandings of leadership styles.
  • Elevate awareness of significant issues facing public safety organisations.
  • Expand professional networks and strategic alliances for promoting personal development mentoring and inter-agency liaison.
  • Ability to diagnose and negotiate the specific challenges for women in public safety leadership roles and to use your influence to shape solutions
  • Ability to balance the ways of established organisational culture with other approaches required to meet your needs.

"Fantastic experience! I learned so much about myself as a person and a leader, as well as the attributes I need to develop to continue my leadership journey.  The networking and learning from others in similar roles / positions was invaluable. The presenters were engaging , knowledgeable, helpful and humorous.  I will take away more from this course than I ever imagined I would."

Carolyn Lewis, Australian Federal Police

How is the program structured?

The program broadly follows the daily agenda outlined below.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Travel Building your
Leadership Stories Managing
through Critical
Presentation of
group projects
Orientation Leading and
Managing for Teams
Leadership Stories Coaching Team
Presentation of group projects
Team Problem
Communications Effective Leadership:
Project Tasking Communications Effective
Leadership: Balance
Syndicate work
Syndicate work
Syndicate work
Syndicate work

“A very valuable learning program that pushed my thinking. The innovative approach to learning by ‘doing’ rather than powerpoint was far more useful.”

ACTESA participant

What does the program cover?

Transition from team member to team leader 
The transition to team leader can be one of the most confronting career challenges. For many, remaining in the pack is far more comfortable. This program is an opportunity for participants to consider why they stepped forward, to plan where they go from here and to build confidence knowing there is no stepping back.

Managing versus leading
Team leaders often struggle to get the right balance between managing and leading. This program breaks down the components of management and leadership to clarify how they differ, how they work and how to combine them in practice.

Leaders’ stories
In the strong cultures of public safety organisations, stories play a vital part in reinforcing norms and values. Participants are encouraged to develop and share their own leadership stories, listen to others’ and understand the power of the story in leadership and followership.

Communicating as the public face of the organisation
Team leaders are frequently the face of their organisation. To fill this role with confidence and poise requires techniques that are learned and practised over time. This program helps participants plan out their leadership presence, posture and key messaging.

Managing team performance
Successful team performance can be a matter of perspective. What do you consider a high-performance team? How well do you ‘follow’ as part of your management team? This program encourages participants to examine a range of different perspectives on team success and management.

Interpersonal communication, coaching and awareness
In one-on-one communication it’s important to know when to listen rather than tell, and when to encourage rather than command. This program helps participants understand the impact they have on others as managers, leaders, coaches, mentors and friends.

Beyond being right to being effective
Team leaders often see the world with simple clarity: ‘If only we could do it my way - the right way.’ This rarely produces effective outcomes. Being right is not enough; leaders need the ability to adjust their expectations in line with what can reasonably be achieved. This program provides insights into negotiating that challenge.

Conversation matters
Reflective practice is an important learning tool. When reflections are shared, wisdom can emerge. This program encourages powerful conversations about diversity, organisational culture, public value and personal courage.

Participants will forge and expand professional networks that will help provide informal peer support throughout their future career. The AIPM’s multi-agency focus will benefit participants through exposure to a broad range of perspectives not available within their own organisation.


This program is widely recognised as a formative experience in the careers of emerging public safety and emergency services leaders in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.


  • 5 day residential program


  • AIPM, Manly, NSW, Australia

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