Graduate Certificate in Applied Management

Graduate Certificate in Applied Management

Graduate Certificate in Applied Management (Policing and Emergency Services)

Designed for managers with significant experience and the capacity for higher office, this is a nationally accredited qualification that unlocks individual capabilities and career progression.

Who should attend?

  • Inspectors or equivalent from police and emergency services organisations worldwide
  • Executive level 1 & 2 officers from Commonwealth and other government agencies

 Learning outcomes

  • Develop processes to manage performance and results
  • Analyse, anticipate and plan for complex management problems
  • Recommend management decisions in areas such as corporate planning, resource management and public accountability
  • Assess effective processes and performance outcomes
  • Formulate corporate improvement strategies
  • Analyse trends that influence public safety organisations
  • Critically examine leadership behaviours and skills required to mobilise others

“It has been the most challenging and worthwhile learning experience of my life, and I return to my organisation with a renewed sense of leadership and of my ability to make positive change and add real value.”

John Locker, New Zealand Police

Why do a Graduate Certificate?

By completing the AIPM Graduate Certificate you will contribute to the professionalisation of public safety organisations and develop your capacity to be an exceptional leader through:

  • communicating more effectively
  • applying better problem-solving, analytical and critical-thinking skills
  • unlocking creative and innovative ideas
  • increasing your ability to learn from and work with others
  • translating ethical principles into practice
  • understanding how you exercise leadership.

Today, AIPM graduates are exercising leadership in numerous senior executive roles, including as organisation heads.

“The challenge has been intense but worthwhile!”

Despa Fitzgerald, New South Wales Police Force

How is the program delivered?

Distance mode
Distance subjects are delivered online and supported through the AIPM’s learning management system, AIPM Online. This includes access to all course information, including readings.

AIPM Online also provides self-help guides and links to internet resources on research, writing, and academic referencing.

Participants receive full support, including access to experienced public safety professionals who serve as Visiting Fellows, at each stage of the learning journey.

Residential mode
During the residential component, participants stay at the AIPM campus, where they participate in presentations, discussions, workshops and small-group work, site visits and outdoor learning activities. Regular syndicate work establishes a team-based approach to learning and a peer support network for most assessment activities.

This part of the program is developmental, highly applied and experience based.

The AIPM campus environment encourages socialising, discussion and informal collaboration, which forges long-lasting professional networks and peer support.

“The entire AIPM experience from start to finish was exceptional, very professional and well organised.”

Ian Head, UK National Crime Agency

How is the program structured?

The Graduate Certificate consists of four subjects, typically completed over seven months, with both distance and residential components. The structure is illustrated below.

The program enables participants to explore, research and write about current issues relevant to their organisational leadership. Assessment is aligned with public safety leadership capability frameworks and benchmarked alongside the work of previous participants.

Distance Mode

  • part time
  • delivered online
  • RPL/Credit transfer available*
S1 Foundations of Strategic Management (AIPM601S1)     S4 Contemporary Issues in Public Safety and Emergency Services (AIPM601S4)
Residential Mode
  • full time
  • delivered at AIPM, Manly via 3 week residential program
  S2 Strategic Analysis and Planning (AIPM601S2) S3 Leadership and Organisational Change (AIPM601S3)  

* No RPL available for Foundations of Strategic Management

What do the subjects cover?

Foundations of Strategic Management (AIPM601S1)

Part-time distance mode

  • Introduces management and strategic planning theory and explores contemporary approaches to service delivery and quality
  • Develops understanding of management in the public safety and emergency services context, and specifically in participants’ organisations
  • Examines organisation design, implementation and accountability
  • Considers the role of people and performance management in achieving cultural change and organisational effectiveness.

Strategic Analysis and Planning (AIPM601S2)

Full-time residential mode

  • Emphasises the need for enlightened and innovative management practices, particularly in effective ethical decision making, strategy development and business planning
  • Explores contemporary management practices such as strengthening accountability, performance planning and measurement, and strategic problem solving
  • Encourages participants to take a systems view of organisations and understand the link between strategic planning and performance management

Leadership and Organisational Change (AIPM601S3)

Full-time residential mode

  • Examines leadership in contemporary organisations, including the skills and attributes of effective leaders and the political pressures to which leaders need to respond
  • Encourages participants to reflect on their own leadership styles and capabilities as they develop their communication, case study analysis, self-awareness and public speaking skills
  • Focusing on future challenges, compares the past command and control structure with contemporary approaches and explores links between successful organisational change, leadership, planning and communication
  • Considers workplace culture, ethics, government demands on senior executives, and leadership for change.

Contemporary Issues in Public Safety and Emergency Services (AIPM601S4)

Part-time distance mode

  • Explores the theory and practice of the modern public safety and emergency services environment
  • Examines organisations’ responsibilities, ethical considerations, and legal and social relationships with the community and government
  • Brings theory and practice together by comparing how participants’ organisations deal with contemporary issues in practice and the findings of the research literature.

The 2020 Model

In 2020 the Graduate Certificate moves to a two week residential model.


The Graduate Certificate in Applied Management is widely recognised as a cornerstone program in the development of public safety leaders that prepares participants for more complex roles in their organisation.

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Management is accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency and is the first step towards the AIPM Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership (Policing and Emergency Services).


  • Two subjects via distance education over four months (credit transfer and recognition of prior learning available)
  • Two subjects via 3 week residential program


  • AIPM online
  • AIPM, Manly, NSW, Australia

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