AIPM icon, Jen Hawthorn, retires after 28 years

Photo montage of Jen Hawthorn

We knew this day was coming but it doesn’t make it any easier. After serving 5 Executive Directors, 49 Police Commissioners and too many guests to count, the face of the AIPM, Jen Hawthorn, has decided to retire after 28 years with us.

If you have been to the AIPM chances are you remember Jen. During her time here she has managed the dining room, events and reception, she has cooked slices (the best in the universe) and generally made your stay here better.

A recipient of the ADAMS award in recognition of her untiring efforts going above and beyond to ensure guests are always looked after, it can’t be overstated the hole Jen leaves. We, the magpies, and every animal in the national park, will miss her warmth, her smile and her dedication.

We wish Jen the very, very best in retirement.