AIPM Follow-me Printing

AIPM Follow-me Printing

An AIPM Print account will allow you to print to the printers in the Manly Block and Library from any device.

This will give you access to a web portal where you can either upload a document to print or use email-to-print.


1. Register by going to the following link:

Your User ID is your first name.

2. You will receive an onboarding email, follow the link to create a password.

3. You will receive an email with a new PIN.

Take a note of this PIN, walk up the printer then use this PIN to release the print job. 

Using your AIPM Print account

Login to the Web Print Portal. Here you can either upload a file to the portal to print or email to print.

To login go to:

1. Upload a file to print

2. Email to print

You can email any file to the following address:

3. Once you have either uploaded a file or emailed a file, you can release your print job using the PIN. 

Walk to the printer and at the printer: 

Click on the Flex Release Print button and enter your PIN and login.