Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership

Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership

Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership (Policing and Emergency Services)

Designed for senior public safety executive leaders, this is a nationally accredited qualification that unlocks individual capabilities and career progression.

Who should attend?

  • Superintendents or equivalent from state jurisdictions
  • EL2 and SES1 officers from Commonwealth agencies

Note: Participants need to have completed the requirements of the Graduate Certificate in Applied Management (Policing and Emergency Services) or equivalent degree in a related field.

Learning outcomes

  • Analyse behaviours and skills required for strategic judgment and decision-making
  • Apply high-level executive communication, critical analysis and policy advocacy skills
  • Recognise the importance of flexibility and creativity in problem-solving
  • Understand the need for political acumen in professional settings
  • Predict and analyse future public safety issues from a leadership perspective
  • Evaluate personal leadership style and plan a self-improvement strategy
  • Critically examine the value and importance of professional network

“Far greater and more valuable experience than I ever expected.”

Darren Seivwright, WA Police

Why do a Graduate Diploma?

By completing the AIPM Graduate Diploma you will contribute to the professionalisation of public safety organisations and develop your capacity to be an exceptional leader through:

  • communicating more effectively
  • applying better problem-solving, analytical and critical-thinking skills
  • unlocking creative and innovative ideas
  • increasing your ability to learn from and work with others
  • understanding how you exercise leadership
  • increasing your understanding of and ability to apply ethical principles
  • effectively applying your discipline expertise in professional practice.

Today, AIPM graduates are exercising leadership in numerous senior executive roles, including as organisation heads.

How is the program delivered?

Distance mode
Distance subjects are delivered online and supported through the AIPM’s learning management system, AIPM Online. This includes access to all course information, including readings.

AIPM Online also provides self-help guides and links to internet resources on research, writing, and academic referencing.

Participants receive full support, including access to experienced public safety professionals who serve as Visiting Fellows, at each stage of the learning journey.

Residential mode
During the residential component, participants stay at the AIPM campus, where they participate in presentations, discussions, workshops and small-group work, site visits and outdoor learning activities. Regular syndicate work establishes a team-based approach to learning and a peer support network for most assessment activities.

This part of the program is developmental, highly applied and experience based.

The AIPM campus environment encourages socialising, discussion and informal collaboration, which forges long-lasting professional networks and peer support.

“By far the best program I have been involved with. It has certainly had a huge impact on me in terms of personal and professional development. I’m looking forward to continuing the leadership journey.”

Brett Smith, Tasmania Police

How is the program structured?

The Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership consists of four subjects, completed over eleven months, with both distance and residential components. The structure is illustrated below.


The Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership is widely recognised as a cornerstone program in the development of public safety leaders that prepares participants for the complex leadership responsibilities of executive roles in their organisation.

It is accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency and is the final step towards a postgraduate qualification.


3 units of distance education over twelve months
1 unit completed via two week residential


AIPM online
AIPM, Manly, NSW, Australia

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