Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership

Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership

Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership
(Policing and Emergency Services)

The AIPM Graduate Diploma is a personal and organisational commitment to education and leadership development. In continuing to provide this support to individuals and organisations, the Graduate Diploma is now delivered as a fully supported distance learning experience.

Leadership development through academic study builds a leader's maturing capability for high levels of critical thought and enables them to be a more discerning user of research. The AIPM Graduate Diploma focusses on the role of executives in organisational leadership.

Recent design changes to the residential session shift the focus from individual completion to group based collective achievement. The residential session actively nurtures a diversity of leadership thinking and innovation in practice for achieving better organisational outcomes.

Who should attend?

To be eligible participants must have completed the AIPM Graduate Certificate or equivalent to progress to the successful completion of distance and residential academic learning.

Participant Journey Map

Key dates
Nominations: 10 August 2020
Delivery: 24 August 2020 - 14 May 2021

$9,400 (ANZ Police)
$11,400 (Multi-Agency)

It is accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency and is the final step towards a postgraduate qualification.


11 months


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