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What is Credit?

‘Credit’ is a benefit provided to a student by waiving one or more of the normal requirements for completion of a course of study, such as not having to complete a particular unit of study. Credit is obtained on the basis of evidence that the student has already undertaken learning that is deemed to be equivalent to the parts of the course of study for which credit has been granted. 

‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL) is defined in the Australian Qualifications Framework as a process through which eligibility for the award of credit is assessed, through assessment of formal, informal and non-formal learning. This process is grounded in evidence-based academic judgement about equivalence of learning.

The Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy allows for up to 50% credit towards a degree program depending on the nature of the previous study. However, regardless of the amount of credit awarded, students must complete a minimum amount of study at the AIPM to be awarded a Post Graduate qualification.

Advanced standing is the granting of block credit reducing the number of units (subjects) the student must undertake to successfully complete the program. An example could be that an applicant has completed all units in a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management via another provider and has been conferred the qualification. If the learning outcomes are very similar and the evidence based academic judgement is that credit may be awarded for the Graduate Certificate the applicant may then be eligible for direct entry into the Graduate Diploma. As 50% credit toward a qualification can only be granted, the full 4 subjects of the Graduate Diploma would then have to be completed.

Credit may be awarded as advanced standing or specified credit.

Specified credit may be granted for one or more specific subjects in a degree program. It exempts applicants from those subjects and awards the appropriate credit points in their place.

This process is grounded in evidence-based academic judgement about equivalence of learning therefore the applicant must demonstrate how they have met all learning outcomes. Partial credit for a unit of study can not be granted. Whether or not credit is granted, an application for credit must culminate in a formal notification of the outcome to the student(s) concerned and an organisational record of the decision.

Learning Outcomes

AIPM Graduate Certificate learning outcomes

AIPM Graduate Diploma learning outcomes

The AIPM may grant credit for:

Formal study

(Universities, credentialed programs, TAFE and VET providers)

Formal study takes place through a structured program of learning that leads to the full or partial achievement of an officially accredited qualification. Prior formal study may provide evidence toward Advanced Standing.

Examples include:

  • study via other Australian higher education providers
  • study via a Vocational Education and Training (VET) provider including TAFE and private colleges
  • study via recognised overseas institutions
  • credentialed programs provided by recognised professional bodies, employers and other authorities.

Non-formal learning

(Workplace training, volunteer training)

Non-formal learning takes place through a structured program of learning but does not lead to an officially accredited qualification. Non-formal learning may contribute to evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning. Examples include learning and training activities undertaken in the workplace, voluntary sector or in community-based settings.

Informal learning

(Work experience)

Informal learning is gained through work, activities and experience. Informal learning is not necessarily structured in terms of objectives, time or learning support and would typically include on the job experiences. Informal learning may contribute to evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Credit precedence Register

The AIPM Credit Precedent Register may provide you with information as to what credit decisions have been made in the past. You will be able to access this once you apply. These precedents may give you a guide to the credit that you could be entitled to.

Credit Awarded

Credit is granted only if:

a. students granted such credit are not disadvantaged in achieving the expected learning outcomes for the course of study or qualification, and

b. the integrity of the course of study and the qualification are maintained.

Please note: Credit will only be awarded for study at an equivalent level, ie. Australian Qualifications Framework Level 8.

Once your application has been processed you will be notified via email.

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